Raelynn Proudlove Business Cards

Raelynn is a artist in Victoria who works with a variety of mediums including painting, ceramics, and mixed media. She focuses in erotic art and art therapy. She wanted an update from her current business card, something that summarized her style, was suggestive, but still neutral enough to suit all varieties of clients. It was also important to her the card included space where she could write down additional information for people she was handing her cards out to, and wasn't specific in pinpointing her as solely an artist as she plans to branch out into a brick-and-mortar art collective in the future.

I used Raelynn's last name, Proudlove, in her own signature as a graphic element on the front of the card mimicking a signed piece of her art. This gets the card working double duty as she plans to name her future shop Proudlove as well. There are 8 different card backs. Each one is a portion of one of her paintings, creating a unique visual for each person who holds one.

Arielle Moore